Notes And Safe Use Of Electric Gate Valve Switch


Notes on electric gate valve switch and the advantages of safe use, reliable sealing, good elastic memory and long service life. It can be widely used as regulating and closing device from electric gate valve, water, sewage, construction, petroleum, elastic valve seat sealed gate valve, chemical industry, food, medicine, light dry gate valve spinning, electric power, vessel, metallurgy, energy system and other institutions.

The electric gate valve can be installed on the horizontal pipeline or vertical pipeline. The single and double gate valves should be installed on the horizontal pipeline. The handwheel should be located above the valve, and should not be installed downward. The flow direction of the electric gate valve is not restricted.

Electric gate valves are usually special applications for flanges or welding.

What are the requirements for electric gate valves? What should I pay attention to?

For large-diameter, high-pressure gate valves, the opening and closing torque is large. In order to reduce the opening and closing torque, a bypass valve can be installed. The bypass valve device is located outside the main gate valve, and its inlet and outlet are connected in parallel with both sides of the main gate valve. The bypass valve should be opened before the main gate valve is opened. After entering the valve, the pressure difference between the front and back of the main gate valve can be reduced, and then the opening torque of the main gate valve can be reduced. The selection of bypass valve caliber should be considered according to the main valve caliber and application requirements.

The electric gate valve is a kind of cut-off valve, and its sealing performance is worse than that of the cut-off valve. The main "duty" of the electric gate valve is to "cut off the water flow" and "continuous water flow" at the minimum resistance. It is not suitable for adjusting the flow and pressure of the medium. For example, if the conditioning is carried out for a long time, the sealing surface is simply washed away by the medium, which affects the sealing performance.

Attention should be paid to the temperature, pressure and reliability of the electric gate valve medium. Under high temperature and high pressure, the change of temperature may cause the gate to die, and because of the uneven temperature of the medium, the phenomenon of unsealing simply occurs. The type of check valve is particularly significant for gate valves.